Årets Konstnär 2005




In The Circular Room
The Cosmonaut
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Work in progress.


The work has two parts:

1. NO WAY OUT No Time To Lose: A projection of a computer animation in a circular room.

Beating hearts entangled in a circular thorny hedge:
The main part of the video is an endless loop of a 3D animation. The interactive video is projected from a turntable placed in the middle of the room. The animation rotates in one direction and the projector rotates the opposite way so that the hedge and the hearts seem to stay still.

The release of the viewer from the enclosure:
In the room there is an armchair turned opposite to the entrance. Three short sequences are shown in front of the chair in case someone is sitting there for long enough. If the sitting person is patient and wait for the heart loop to reach in front of her, the turntable will stop and the first short sequence is shown. At the end the loop starts again and if the person is still sitting in the chair when the loop has made another round she will see the second sequence. And so on until the third sequence that is the opening of
the hedge and the end of the film.

2. THE COSMONAUT: A projection of a 3D animation on a 2,5 m circular screen.

A cosmonaut is laying, slightly swaying, resting in his milky world:
When a button is pushed by the viewer the cosmonaut put on a soundtrack and tries to escape his space. Without success, after a short space walk, he returns to rest and turns his music of.

They are many interpretations of the works so this is up to the viewer:

It can be about environment... The green heart is bleeding...
The work is about time and love, and love takes time...
It’s about the difficulty to reach each other...
To go through obstacles...
To be patient...
Life spinning faster and faster at some point we have to stop... jump off... turn within...
discover that you are not alone...
or discover that you are alone...
It can be about life and death...
To be burned... or to be relieved.